Characteristics of the third angels’ message in a nutshell

1) The present truth
2) A worldwide message
3) A life and death message
4) The last message of mercy
5) The all-important message
6) The only hope
7) The most solemn message
8) The true testing message
9) A Special Message
10) A binding-off message
11) An infallible message
12) A separating message
13) A straight-forward, clear-cut, pointed message
14) A message directing to the heavenly sanctuary
15) An antidote message for all the world’s sins and sorrows
16) A message which is bound to triumph
17) A message in which a blessing is promised
18) A soul-saving message
19) A message that will stand the tempest and storm
20) A message that must be proclaimed with a loud voice21) A wonderful distinct message
22) A message to be proclaimed over and over again
23) A message that will fit a people for translation
24) A message that is-so sacred, so glorious
25) A message that will swell into a loud cry

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