Charcteristics of the third angels’ message – 16. A message which is bound to triumph

A message which is bound to triumph

The truth of the third angel’s message is bound to triumph, and those who purify their souls from all defilement will triumph with it. {2SAT 131.4}

The end of all things is at hand. The third angel’s message will triumph, and we must hold fast to the truth and triumph with it. Let them say all manner of evil against us falsely for Christ’s sake. –Letter 149, 1897.

For the past half century my faith in the ultimate triumph of the third angel’s message and everything connected with it, has been substantiated by the wonderful experiences through which I have passed. This is why I am anxious to have my books published and circulated in many languages. I know that the light contained in these books is the light of heaven. {3SM 39.2}

Those who make light of the third angel’s message do so because they know little of Daniel or the Revelation. They have not read these prophecies with a determination to find out the meaning by prayer, by study, and by fasting. If they had had the experience of Daniel or of John, they would know that the third angel’s message will go forth unto perfect victory. Those who proclaim that message because they see and believe it, will understand that very much is comprehended by it. The third angel is represented as flying through the heavens with a banner on which is inscribed, “The commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” All who will gather warmth from the coldness of others, courage from their defections, and loyalty from their treason, will triumph with the third angel’s message. {RH, June 8, 1897 par. 17}

Victory will attend the third angel’s message. As the Captain of the Lord’s host tore down the walls of Jericho, so will the Lord’s commandment-keeping people triumph, and all opposing elements be defeated. Let no soul complain of the servants of God who have come to them with a heaven-sent message. Do not any longer pick flaws in them, saying, “They are too positive; they talk too strongly.” They may talk strongly; but is it not needed? God will make the ears of the hearers tingle if they will not heed His voice or His message. He will denounce those who resist the word of God. {TM 410.1}



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